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How to create Classic Interior Design with Modern Twist

How to create Classic Interior Design with Modern Twist

One of the best things about interior design is that it allows you to customize places to fit your tastes and personality. Having fun and not taking design rules too seriously are essential components of designing. One approach to enjoying yourself while curating your environment is to mix and match different design styles. You can mix classic and modern designs if you enjoy both. You can use classic furniture painted with modern spectrum PVD coating to give that drama that will go perfectly with your living room.

If you want to know more about these, following our article will provide you with the rest. Here are some ideas through which you can create a classic interior design with a modern twist.

Tips for Creating Classic Interior Design with Modern Twist

Modern light 

Rooms that have traditional features in fresh arrangements are wow-worthy. For example, a stunning chandelier made of crystal is the epitome of glamour in traditional homes from bygone eras, but it has little to do with the carefree way we live and host nowadays. The fixture is a visually striking and dynamic focal point in the space that sways with the movement of the air—heavy wood furniture used to be a feature of traditional interiors.  

The mixture of classic and contemporary interior design 

These days, two styles are commonly associated with interior design: classic and modern. The fusion of traditional and contemporary interior design styles has yet to be widely recognized. But in the world of interior design, the traditional and contemporary interior decoration styles have come together as a single trend in recent years. The simplicity of the old style is combined with modern interior design to create a modern, classic look. This look differentiates between modern and classic styles. Combining modern with classic styles is known as modern classic style.

 Modern techniques and components have recently been incorporated into traditional interior decoration by interior designers, creating a fresh look. This type of interior design is called modern classic, and it exudes coziness.

Prioritize clean lines

While intricate embellishments and curving lines are hallmarks of classical design, modern design is primarily about simple, clean lines. Emphasize having clean lines in your furniture and décor if you want to combine these two styles. Select items that combine historic characteristics with a modern vibe. Wingback chairs, which are a fantastic choice for both traditional and modern spaces, are a fantastic choice. Also, you can use a leather sofa; for that, you can make it from leather sofas in Bangalore

Fun with color

Additionally crucial in combining modern and traditional design is color. Modern fashions are more colorful and bold, whereas traditional forms frequently use warm, muted colors like cream, beige, and brown. The two can be combined to produce a distinctive modern and classic style.

So, these are some of the tips that will help you decorate your home efficiently.