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Physical Vapour Deposition: Benefits of the Coating

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Are you aware of Physical vapour deposition or PVD coating? These days, we can see a high demand for PVD coated furniture in Bangalore.

So, what’s PVD coating?

PVD is Physical vapor deposition, a process that involves vaporizing solid material in a vacuum environment and deposition of the material onto different surfaces.

Physical Vapor Deposition results in high-performance and high finish coatings. Also known as thin film coating, PVD coatings offer crucial performance features.

Below is some enticing information on the advantages of Physical Vapor Deposition coating.

Why do Individuals Admire PVD Coatings?

PVD coating holds ample advantages;

Corrosion and Oxidation Resistant

The application of PVD coatings enhances the surface of a metal. PVD Coatings protect the product or material from discoloration, cracking, tarnishing, or peeling.

The best quality PVD coating doesn’t get damaged due to salt water, humidity, and sunlight.


PVD coatings are wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant and fade-resistant. The coatings consist of deposited layers that help increase the hardness of the surface of a product.

The coatings are highly durable and offer perfect resistance to abrasion, scratches, and chemical change.


Physical vapor deposition coatings prove the best for the materials like metals and glass. Most industries, like aerospace, automotive, decorative applications, electronics, and medical, use PVD coating.


PVD coating process is not toxic, non polluting, or hazardous for any individual. It’s a dry process that prevents wastage, reduces the expenses of replacing the products, and offers a long life to the coated products.


PVD coatings contain a low modulus of elasticity; it provides flexibility to the material, which means, the coatings are not damaged even if the product is bent.


The coatings are appropriately checked and tested for medical devices or surgical equipment. The coatings do not fade or flake off, even after using the equipment excessively.


Another benefit of Physical vapor deposition coating is that it offers a uniform color, a smooth surface, a distinct color selection, and enhanced product aesthetics.

Many industries, like hospitality and medical, use stainless steel fabrication for furniture. Stain-steel fabrication qualities include stain resistance, high sheen, and excellent versatility.


You must go for the best PVD coating and experience the incredible features of the physical vapor deposition process. Connect with Spectrum PVD coating, and offer your products great aesthetic value at affordable prices.